Garelli, 1974, Katia Electric

Garelli Katia Electric, 1974, Italy

The Garelli Katia is a scooter produced by the Lombard company since 1973.

Designed primarily for a female clientele, the Katia will be produced with a 2-stroke engine with single speed or 2 automatic speeds.

At the 1973 Milan Motor Show, Garelli launched the Katia Electric, the first Italian electric moped.
Sold starting from the following year, it won’t be a successful products in terms of selling.

The production will end in 1991, when the company closed, making it the longest-running model of the brand.

Marque: Garelli
Model: Katia Electric
Engine: electric
Power: 1.1 bhp at 4000 rpm
Speed: 28 kph
Weight: 69 kg
Year: 1974
Marque: Garelli
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