15 mins away – GARDA LAKE

Lake Garda, or Benaco , is the largest lake in Italy, with an area of 370 km². It is an important touristic destination, visited every year by millions of people.

photo Lago di Garda Veneto LOGO

Lake Garda, or Benaco, is the largest lake in Italy. The southern area is surrounded by morainic hills  left by the withdrawal of glaciers, while the narrower and higher northern part is engulfed by high mountain chains that give it the shape and appearance of a fjord, protecting it so that its climate is particularly mild and Mediterranean.
The brightness of the environment, the mildness of the climate, the lush vegetation with its predominance of olive, palm, cypress, lemon, orange trees and oleanders, together with the splendour of its landscapes, that provide a backdrop to the interesting historical and cultural features to be found all over the territory, make Lake Garda one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.
The intense colour of the water with its prominent shade of blue and transparency that is difficult to find elsewhere, make Lake Garda a unique destination for tourists and holiday-makers who love relaxation, sport, fun and discovering places.


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