Garanzini, 1925, Lusso 6HP

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Marca: Garanzini
Modello: Lusso 6HP
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 2 / 677 cc
Potenza: 15 CV
Velocità: 110 km/h
Anno: 1925

Garanzini, 1925, Lusso 6HP

Garanzini “Lusso 6HP”, 1925, Italy

Oreste Garanzini was a motorcycle racing driver born in 1887 who decided to open his own company in Milan in 1913 to repair bicycles and motorbikes. In 1919 the company became the official importer for Verus, a new british motorcycle company, while in 1922 he started making his own motorbikes, powered by a JAP engine and sold as Jap-Garanzini (or Garanzini-Jap).

The bike you can see at Museo Nicolis is a Garanzini Lusso 6HP, powered by a 15bhp 677cc JAP V-twin.

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