Frejus Piuma, 1948, racing bicycle

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Marca: Frejus
Anno di produzione: 1948
Modello: Mod. speciale "Corsa Piuma"
Tipo: Racing bicycle
Nazione: Italia
Nome: Frejus

Frejus Piuma, 1948, racing bicycle

Frejus, Special model "Corsa Piuma", racing bicycle, 1948, Italy

Frejus is one of the oldest and most glorious Italian bicycle brands.

Established in Turin in 1896 by Elmo Guelfi, Frejus has always been focusing on quality sports products.

The company has always considered racing as a marketing instrument, that’s why it has been taking part in every race for over 50 years.
On the endless list of victories, we highlight 2 Giri d’Italia, 4 World Championships, 2 Olympic golds and much more.
The cyclist that raced for Frejus are the unforgettable Bartali, Messina, Ghella, Cipriani.. just to mention a few.

Professional bicycle that marked the rebirth of the Company’s racing commitment after the war.
In 1948, the company will move to the new factory in via Buenos Aires.
The ribbon will be cut by champions like: Vessilliferi Frejus, Messina and Ghella, together with a large group of sports personalities, authorities and fans.

Technical notes
FREJUS Torino, special model “Corsa piuma”
“Castello” Torino special light-tube frame
PASCHETTO special tailor-made handlebar
Duralumin “SLACAM LIMONE” rims
Mk1 SIMPLEX gearbox (direct lever)
“ARDUINO” pinion gearbox
FOM pedals
FREJUS hubs and crankset
IMPERO handpump