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Corrado Fabi (Milan, 12 April 1961) is a former Formula 1 racing driver and the youngest brother of Teo Fabi,  also a racing driver.

Corrado Fabi started his racing career with Karts, where he obtained the title "World Champion" in 1976. Moved to Formula 3, in 1980 he reached the 3rd place in European Championship driving a March Alfa Romeo. He moved to Formula 2 the following year, where he reached the 4th place, but the following season he won.

His career in Formula 1 was very short: from 1983 to 1984; the first year he drove for Italian team Osella Corse and then for British Team Brabham taking his brother's place.

Steering Wheel:

  • This steering wheel in our collection was once in the hands of Corrado Fabi, brother of Teo Fabi, also a Formula 1 driver. His career at the top was brief: it lasted only two years. In 1983 he made his debut at the Formula 1 World Championship driving a FA1/D of Italian Team Osella, but his performances were by no means outstanding. His best result was a 10th place.

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