Museimpresa Seminario Matera, Teatro dei Calanchi ph Museimpresa

Event, Museimpresa, Seminar 2023

Museimpresa Seminar 2023

Culture, tourism and beauty in Basilicata

The Nicolis Museum could not miss Museimpresa’s 2023 National Seminar that just concluded in Matera.

Silvia Nicolis, who also took part as vice president, debated with more than 80 representatives of museums and business archives on topical issues.

We have always supported the strategic importance of industrial tourism as strategical item for the country’s cultural and economic development.
In addition, nearly 6 million Italians in the last four years have visited a business museum or archive or a place of industrial archaeology.

Thanks to Essenza Lucano, Francesco Vena, Oropan and its Museo del Pane Forte and Confetti Mucci for their excellent hospitality.