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Marca: Ducati
Modello: 888
Motore: Ducati
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 2 / 888 cc
Potenza: 131 CV
Velocità: 275 km/h
Anno: 1993
Ducati 888, 1993,  Italy

The Ducati 888 production started in 1992 as an evolution of the 851, from which it retains the frame and many components. Even the engine is not properly new since it powered the performance versions of the 851 like the 1990 851 SP2.

The name 888 was first used on the performance versions, like the SP4 and the SPS both aimed for track use; then the 851 Strada and Biposto versions came out and once they adopted the 888cc engine, they were named accordingly.