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Hugh Peter Martin Donnelly (Belfast, 26 marzo 1964) is an Irish Formula racing driver.

After racing in Formula 3 and English Formula 3000 where he won 3 races, in 1988 he obtained the Cellnet Award as the most promising driver of the year. In 1989 he moved to Formula 1 driving for Arrows.

Unfortunately for his just began career in Formula 1, he had a terrible accident the following year, while he was at the test of Spanish Grand Prix driving for Lotus. He broke his legs and damaged his internal organs and stayed in coma for over 6 weeks. Donnelly was able to recover and came back to race but not in Formula 1.

Steering Wheels:

  • This MOMO steering wheel in our collection belonged to Northern Ireland driver Martin Donnelly, who will be remembered for the terrible accident he was involved in while driving the Lotus 102 during practice at the Spanish Grand Prix in 1990.  He left the track at 270 km/h and ended up in a coma for six weeks with internal and leg injuries. Many drivers, such as Derek Warwick, considered it a miracle given the type of accident they had witnessed. Unfortunately, this event marked the end of the Northern Irish driver's Formula 1 career.

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