DKW, 1931, Luxus

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Marca: Dkw
Modello: Luxus
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 175 cc
Potenza: 4 CV
Velocità: 70 km/h
Peso: 85 kg
Anno: 1931

DKW, 1931, Luxus

 DKW "Luxus", 1931, Germany

In 1930 DKW was the biggest motorcycle company in the world, in 1932 they joined AudiWanderer and Horch, creating Auto Union.

The main feature of the Luxus was its bright red tank. The engine on this 1931 model is a 2-stroke cooled by a fan and was coupled to a 2-speed gearbox.

As soon as DKW was ready to make pressed steel frames, the first bike that received one was precisely the Luxus. The displacement differences are a result of the different road taxes applied by the countries it was exported to.