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Silvia Nicolis – President of Museo Nicolis

Silvia Nicolis is President of the “Museo dell’Auto, della Tecnica e della Meccanica” in Verona, now one of the most important industry-based private museums on the international scene.
2018 saw a much-coveted recognition: in London, the winning of the prestigious Museum of The Year at The Historic Motoring Awards.

She gained her professional experience in the Lamacart Group, the family company and leader in the recovery and processing of waste paper. The industrial experience, started by the Nicolis family more than 80 years ago, has allowed her to acquire a solid managerial professionalism and business competence on an international scale: in fact, the Group boasts an important positioning on the global market, introducing itself fully into the circular economy logic.

Silvia Nicolis is a member of Lamacart together with her brother Thomas, the first Italian company to receive the prestigious Papyrus Award from BIR – Bureau of International Recycling in 2012.

Talented entrepreneur, she operate successfully in the cultural and business economy worlds.

Silvia Nicolis covers prestigious roles in public institutions: she is currently vice-president of Museimpresa, the association that belongs to Assolombarda and Confindustria for the valorisation of the Italian industrial history heritage. She is also a member of the Technical Cultural Group of the national Confindustria and Commissioner of the National Commission for History and Museums ASI Automoclub Storico Italiano. She has been a Council member for the Verona Chamber of Commerce delegated to tourism in the Industry sector, a member of the Board of Confindustria Verona and Vice President Delegate for Marketing of Confindustria Verona.

“Museo Nicolis”, which opened in 2000, is the crowning glory of Luciano Nicolis dream. A businessman with a highly selective passion for collecting, Nicolis was able to perceive the value of refined products of human genius that had been forgotten. His tireless search led him to travel the world to hunt down and recover classic cars and other valuable artefacts in order to restore them: a passion that has given a patrimony, that might otherwise have been lost, back to history and which is now available to the community in 10 collections, today displayed in 6000 square meters.

Silvia Nicolis, who, with her father Luciano, has always shared a passion for cars and engines, has known how to reconcile the family’s industrial activity with her commitment to Museo Nicolis, by accepting the challenge, from the very beginning, with the aim of turning it into a top class cultural enterprise, destined to tell the world about Italy’s productive tradition in mechanics and our innate vocation for art and beauty, while, at the same consolidating the process of internationalization.  An aim pursued thanks to a development model based on entrepreneurial vision, cultural content, innovative services, relations with the territory.

Nowadays, Museo Nicolis is universally recognized as an affirmed Museum of Enterprise, able to effectively promote an excellent “cultural product” generated by industry, as well as the territory, to a vast and varied Italian and international public.

Developing alongside the museum activities is an ultra-modern Congress Centre, now a privileged meeting centre for the Business Community, one of the most complete Bookstores on the international motoring scene, collaboration relations with the media and entertainment world and cultural and training programmes for the educational purposes.

Silvia Nicolis promotes an infinite number of activities. By way of example, one only has to think of the Museo Nicolis Award for Veneto Region industry, the superb themed exhibitions and the itineraries and activities to promote the territory. In fact, she has received various acknowledgments for these, including the “Premio Giulietta”, the “Premio Capitani dell’Anno Veneto” (Veneto Captains of the Year Award) which recognizes the ideas and determination of entrepreneurs; the “Premio internazionale Profilo Donna” (International Woman’s Profile Award) for entrepreneurial effort; the “Premio Nodo d’Amore” (Love Knot Award) for promoting culture and tourism within the territory; the “Premio AIV Impresa Lavoro” (AIV Work Enterprise Award); the “Parksmania Awards” for the success of the Vespa Exhibition, the “Premio Città di Villafranca” and many more.

Of equal importance are the exclusive awards assigned to the wonderful classic cars in the Museum, used during events and at international Elegance Competitions. Visited every year by thousands of Italian and foreign tourists, Museo Nicolis now boasts an international profile and dimension. It is a fully-fledged protagonist at the most prestigious shows in Italy and throughout the world.