Grandis, 1980, racing bicycle

Grandis, Racing bicycle, 1980, Italy

Silvino Grandis, born 1920, started building bicycles in 1930. He soon became foreman in a company of Verona, that closed in 1965/66.
That is when Grandis began to think about a personal production, with his own brand.
At the start of 1980 his sons Ezio and Mario joined the company.
The production is now composed of a wide range, focusing especially on “Corsa” and “MTB” models with which Grandis won significant sports events.


Technical notes:

  • Grandis Verona
  • Frame: COLUMBUS AL/SL tubes
  • CAMPAGNOLO Gran Sport gearbox
  • MAVIC rims


Marque: Grandis
Year of production: 1980
Type: racing bicycle
Nation: Italy
Name: Grandis
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