Ganna, 1938, racing bicycle

Ganna, racing bicycle, 1938, Italy

The company Ganna was established in Varese in 1910 by Luigi Ganna, the 1st Giro d’Italia winner (1909).

In the sports field Ganna was always present with champions of great fame: among the many, the great Fiorenzo Magni.


Technical notes:

  • New grey Ganna official livery (introduced in 1932)
  • SUPER CHAMPION cable-operated 3-speed gearbox and chain tensioner
  • GANNA handlebar
  • UNIVERSAL steel brakes
  • Oilers on the transmission and hubs
  • DAM wooden wheels
  • Handmade saddle




Marque: Ganna
Year of production: 1938
Type: racing bicycle
Nation: Italy
Name: Ganna
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