Ganna, 1923, Racing bicycle, Giro d’Italia

1923 – Ganna, Giro d’Italia model, racing bicycle – Italy

GANNA: Company established in Varese in 1910 by Luigi Ganna, the winner of the 1st Giro d’ Italia in 1909. GANNA motorcycles are famous as well.

Technical notes:

– 1923 Giro d’Italia model
– Long frame
– Racing forks
– Double pinion/fixed free wheel
– Oilers on the pedal bearing and the hubs
– Detachable racing fenders
– REALE reinforced wooden racing rims
– Tailor-made GANNA handlebar
– FNI saddle
– BOWDEN brakes
– GANNA crankset for uphill races, with GANNA pedals


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