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Lamacart and sustainable development: Industrial Solutions at the Service of the Environment.


The history of Lamacart Group has very deep roots and represents the history of Italy that works with passion, tenacity and resilience.

The Nicolis family has been recycling raw for over 80 years. It was back in 1934 when Francesco Nicolis, father of Luciano Nicolis, perceptived to all forms of saving and equipped with an acute intelligence, decided to collect what other people through away: waste paper. Urged on by his sons the activity expanded rapidly and, in a few years, Luciano, transformed the family business into a leading group in Europe for the recovery of paper and a solid reference point in the international environmental service sector.

Resourcefulness, the courage to take risks, intuition about the market potential, are all factors that guided Luciano’s decision to undertake an ‘unconventional’ activity at that time. In 1963 Luciano established Lamacart in its present form, who structured and organised it into a modern context, offering itself to the public and private markets as an efficient, reliable and competent partner in paper recovery.

In 1990s Thomas Nicolis joined the Company. He is the current president and a dynamic member of the third generation of businessmen. His task was to guide Lamacart even further towards technological innovation, process rationalisation and, above all, to constantly project itself towards the “globalized” markets with a strong attention to the Enviroment.


A strategic partner

Lamacart’s headquarters is in Villafranca di Verona, an important crossroads of strategic infrastructures for the whole territory. Villafranca is located within the area close to Brenner axis, that connects the north-east and north-west of the country. A strategic geographical position between two European corridors, provided with a unique network of services.

In the Provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Rome are located the main operating centers of Lamacart Group with a surface of 130.000 sq m (50.000 sq m indoor).

In parallel with its core business, the company has developed solid partnerships with public and private Italian Associations and Institutions. Lamacart is a Strategic Partner in collection and recovery activities, including the management of important projects linked to Circular Economy.

Leader in Italy, Lamacart has 5 company-owned structures and regular authorizations, issued by the provincial authorities in charge, including authorization for the brokerage of special non-hazardous waste. This allows an annual management of over 200,000 tons of non-hazardous special waste, over 500,000 tons of secondary raw materials for the paper industry.


Avant-garde services

Over 50 company-owned vehicles authorized for the transport of special non-hazardous waste, registered in “Italian Register of Environmental Operators”, also on behalf of third parties, for all types of materials.

Lamacart supplies systems and equipment suitable for collection:

  • Metal baskets
  • Containers
  • Roll on-off compactors
  • Semi-trailers
  • Permanent presses
  • Baling machines
  • Conveyor belts
  • aspiration system.
  • Development of ad hoc solutions
  • A network of company-owned or leased platforms throughout the country to collect the materials;

The company supplies its services to all sectors with particular reference to:

  • Recovery/disposal of materials;
  • Certified destruction of confidential and no-confidential materials (newspapers and magazines, books, accounting and data documents, gadgets, obsolete goods) by shredding and grinding.

The addressees of the services:

  • Separate collection of waste / Municipalities
  • Public Associations
  • Factories
  • Large-scale retail trade
  • The graphic and publishing sector
  • The paper and binding industry
  • Credit and insurance institutions


Nova Papyra

For over 20 years on the market, Nova Papyra has been a distributor and cutting center for paper and cardboard in the graphic-publishing, paper converting, packaging production, special papers, food and hygiene and health care sectors. Its Green soul has led the company to specialize in the cutting and tailor-made service (sheet and reel products) according to the customer’s request.

The strength of the Lamacart Group is Circular Economy: Nova Papyra customers can in fact take advantage of Lamacart services, according to the highest regulatory standards and vice versa.


Our Services:

  • Qualified advice
  • Fast cut and delivery of tailor-made size material
  • Taylor-made orders (starting from 300 kg up to full trucks)
  • Fast delivery times: 48-72 hours after the order for optimized size, 24 hours for standard size, delivery all around Italy
  • Integrated logistics with producers
  • Large immediate delivery products availability
  • Format cutting and rewinding for third parties

Paper and cardboard products are addressed to:

  • Graphic Sector
  • Paper Industy
  • Packaging Sector
  • Stock Lots and Occasional batches


Recovery, a shared passion

Not everybody knows: Lamacart is the mother company of the Nicolis family’s many business endeavours. The family’s “passion for recovering things” also led to the creation of Museo Nicolis, the Car, Technical and Mechanical Museum in Villafranca with its 10 collections of vintage cars, motorbikes and bicicles, musical instruments, cameras, typewriters, small airplanes, a rare collection of 100 Formula 1 steering wheels and original works of human talent.

A “contagious” passion which lies at the very foundations of the family business – making it into an industrial activity – and the Museum’s, which was created by Luciano Nicolis, the entrepreneur passed away, to accompany his activity as a collector and culture sponsor.

The passion for recovery that Luciano’s sons, Silvia and Thomas, share has led them to see, where others only see “scrap”, true mechanical gems that had the potential to be recovered, restored and brought back to their original splendour. In this way, and especially in the vintage car sector, a historical and cultural patrimony that otherwise might have been lost forever, has been returned to Italy.


The first Italian Company to receive the Papyrus Award

The passion for recovery is linked to the fame and prestige of Museo Nicolis and, as far as Lamacart is concerned, is the reason behind being awarded such prestigious recognition as the Papyrus Award, which the company received from the BIR – Bureau of International Recycling, an international association founded in 1948 that groups together all the most important companies operating in the recovery and recycling of iron and non-iron metals, paper, fabric, plastic materials and rubber.

Lamacart is the first and only Italian Company to obtain this Award, proof of Italy’s excellence in the advanced industrial sector, a sector that is extremely competitive and becoming increasingly more globalised.



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