Contessa Nettel Cocarette, 1922

Contessa Nettel Cocarette, Germany, 1922

The Contessa-Nettel was born in Stoccarda in 1919 after the merging of two companies, Contessa and Nettel.

The company produced high-quality cameras but due to economic problems after WWI, Zeiss bought most of the assets. August Nagel, founder of Contessa and manager of Contessa-Nettel, tried to get a job inside the Zeiss management, but after failing, he left and started working for Kodak. In 1926 Zeiss bought all the Contessa-Nettel assets.

The Cocarette was one of the first models born after 1919 and after the purchase, the Zeiss Ikon group kept producing it.

As many 1920s foldable cameras, this too was available in many configurations. After the Zeiss Ikon purchase, the Cocarette received the ‘519’ model number, with the 519/14, 519/2, 519/15 variations to indicate the film format. A switch on the folding bed moved the lens forward and backwards to focus. Advanced versions were made to allow the lens to move vertically.



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