Contax mod. 1

Camera “Contax mod.1°”, 1932, Germany

Camera using photographic film size 24×36, with range finder. Highly professional optic yield. The famous Hungarian press photographer, Robert Capa (1913-1954), who became famous for his moving photos taken during the wars, used a “Contax”  and a “Leica” at the beginning of his career.

His famous photo called “Death of a soldier” (Spanish Civil War) in 1936 did the tour of the globe. As fate would have it, he himself lost his life at just 40 years, when he stood on a mine in Vietnam. Robert Capa, was one of the founders in 1947 of the important world press photography agency: “Magnum Photos”.

Marque: Contax
Year of production: 1932
Model: Mod.1°
Nation: Germany
Name: Contax Mod.1°
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