Colnago, 1970, racing bicycle

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Marca: Colnago
Anno di produzione: 1970
Tipo: racing bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Colnago

Colnago, 1970, racing bicycle

Colnago, racing bicycle, 1970s, Italy

Company established in the 50s by Ernesto Colnago.
Colnago, was professionally raised by Focesi of Milan (where the legendary Gloria bicycles where built), and became an appreciated racing bicycle technician over time, following important teams.

He’s appreciated by the great champions too: Magni, Merkx, Motta, Saronni, just to mention a few.
After opening his own business, Colnago became a good patron for young racers, potential talents. He gave to many young hopefuls a free tailor-made bicycle for the whole season.

His generosity and foresight was awarded by the discovery of many talented people and by the 1960 Games of the XVII Olympiad, where the Colnago brand established itself in an international context.

From that moment on Colnago never stopped expanding its reputation, becoming a prestigious brand, especially for the constant research for innovative technical and aesthetical solutions, consistent with the traditional simple lines that made Italian design famous, even the one applied on a bicycle.

This bicycle is also important because it’s one of the first examples of fairing applied on a racing bicycle.

Technical notes:
Frame made with special GilCo tubes
Two 6-speed gearbox with Campagnolo derailleurs
GMP crankset
Nisi rims
Universal brakes
Condor saddle
Record Campagnolo hubs