Teaching Area

The Teaching Programme

Lessons-non-lessons to understand human genius

The dream of all students: learning while having fun! The teaching programme developed by the Nicolis Museum is based on this assumption, and is for students of all ages, and was prepared in collaboration with teachers and educators.

Through the history of cars, bikes, motorbikes, barrel organs, cameras and typewriters, they will discover history, art, literature, adventure, fashion, ecology… History, civil education, geography, social sciences, physics, geometry, chemistry are all dealt with in interactive laboratories, meetings with experts and live experiments.

The live-Museum promotes culture and sharing.

It all began with the discovery of the wheel. The Nicolis Museum gives a lot of importance to the teaching side. Tazio, the museum’s little mascot dog, accompanies us through the exhibitions specifically fitted up for young visitors. The exhibition route is specifically aimed at making one think and experimenting mechanics and technology.
The Nicolis museum is the ideal place for following appropriate educational routes, in part thanks to the possibility of consulting the interesting and rich bibliographic archives.

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