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Marca: Bimota
Modello: Bimota RB1 Furya
Anno: 1980
Bimota "RB1 Furya", 1980, Italy

Bimota is an Italian company founded in 1966. The name is the acronym of the first two letters of the members' last names: BIanchi, MOrri and TAmburini.

Initially operating in the field of air conditioning and heating systems, the company started producing motorbikes in 1975, offering them both as a kit and complete bikes. In the 90s the kits were no longer available and the production continued just with fully-assembled bikes.

Except for a few bikes, the Bimota models name always followed a simple name with two letters and a number:

  • The first letter is the initial of the engine maker: H for Honda, K for Kawasaki, S for Suzuki, Y for Yamaha, D for Ducati, G for Gilera (the latter just for racing versions);

  • La second letter is the B of Bimota;

  • The number represents how many bikes with the engine from the same maker were made: for example SB3 is the third Bimota powered by a Suzuki engine; YB11 is the eleventh Bimota powered by a Yamaha engine.



  • Electronic ignition

  • 4 Dell’Orto carburetors

  • Twin front disks, rear Brembo single disk

  • Campagnolo 5-spoke wheels