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Anno di produzione: 1869
Nazione: Francia

Michaux bicycle, 1869, France.

Michaux (dad and son) were the owners of a Parisian engineering company that passed down in history to be the first to apply pedals to the Draisine, a vehicle born in 1816 thanks to the German Baron Von Drais, completely made of wood where you sat on top of it and pushed yourself forward with your feet. The pedals made that vehicle go faster and more technologically advanced: the Michaudine was born. The Michaux family, experienced in metal working, managed to transform it, using forged iron to make all the pieces, just the wheels were still made of wood. That fast innovative vehicle was called Michaux Bicycle. The year was 1865 and its commercial success was huge.


Technical notes:

– French model built in 1867 from the parisian Michaux workshop
– Handmade forged iron frame
– The pedals are fixed on the front hub
– One pedal revolution correspond to one wheel revolution.
– The wooden wheels have an iron protection around.
– Bell on the handlebar
– Candle lantern to illuminate the road
– Leather saddle on the leaf spring