Bianchi, 1892, racing bicycle

Bianchi, racing bicycle, 1892, Italy

In 1892 Edoardo Bianchi was just 25, but has already been working as a mechanic for 7 years. Many things changed from 1885, establishment year of his company, many things changed from the little workshop where he repaired and built mechanical tools; in 1890 he moved to Via Borghetto where the new factory was and in 1892, 50 employees were working there.

The Edoardo Bianchi, in fact, was the first Italian company to use pneumatic tires. From 1890 on the company started designing their first motorbikes and later cars.

Bianchi is the winningest Italian company in the field of racing.


Technical notes:

  • Racing bicycle
  • Spoon brake on the front tire
  • Light frame with big hollow tubes
  • Chain drive


Marque: Bianchi
Year of production: 1892
Type: racing bicycle
Nation: Italy
Name: Bianchi
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