Bianchi, 1950/60, tandem

Bianchi, Tandem, 1950/60s, Italy

Two-seater tandem: the front passenger operates the handlebar and the gearbox too.

The transmission is different from a normal bicycle, since there are now two axis: the two sets of pedals are connected by a chain on the left side, while the two cranksets are the same size to keep the same ratio. Two chains are connected from the pedals of the rear passenger to the rear wheel.

Tandem races once took place on track, often as speed races. Italy shined for a long time on this category, present until 1994 in the world cycling championship on track.


Technical notes:

  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Michelin world tour tires
  • Hand pump


2019 Evento, Bike & Wine, Zenato.

Marque: Bianchi
Year of production: 1950
Type: tandem
Nation: Italy
Name: Bianchi
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