Bianchi, 1947, official racing bicycle

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Marca: Bianchi
Anno di produzione: 1947
Tipo: official racing bicycle
Nazione: Italia
Nome: Bianchi

Bianchi, 1947, official racing bicycle

Bianchi, official racing bicycle, 1947, Italy

Official racing bicycle, equipped with the new 2-lever Campagnolo gearbox, that allowed to change more quickly and a great reliability under stress.

It seems like this bicycle was gloriously used by the official team for the 1947 Tour of Lombardy.

Technical notes:
Campagnolo gearbox
Campagnolo hubs
Universal brakes, adjustable from the handlebar
Brooks saddle
Nisi light alloy rims
Cinelli tailor-made handlebar
Oiler on the crankset.

Additional info:
With the 2-lever gearbox used between 1935/1945, in order to change gear you had to pedal backwards, let the wheel free with the long lever, move the chain with the short lever on the desired pinion and fix the wheel back with the long lever.