Bianchi Super, 1927, touring bicycle

Bianchi Super, touring bicycle, 1927, Italy

This Bianchi model was very expensive at the time, because the wires of the braking system were placed inside the frame tubes, so the style was cleaner. The reparations were laborious and required a lot of skill.

This bicycle is also fitted with some accessories from the time: headlamp, hand pump and tool bag.

The Bianchi badge can be found on the frame reading: Fabbrica Automobili Velocipedi Milano. Some accurate details made Bianchi bicycles famous even abroad. The quality of the chrome and nickel plating, the hubs, the paint, the assembly etc, together with the racing victories turned Bianchi into a cycling legend.


Technical notes:

  • SUPER model with front brakes
  • Welded frame
  • Leather seat
  • Rubber pedals
  • Faired chain
Marque: Bianchi
Year of production: 1927
Model: Super
Type: man bicycle
Nation: Italy
Name: Bianchi
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