Benelli, 1939, 4TN

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Marca: Benelli
Modello: 4TN
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 500 cc
Anno: 1939

Benelli, 1939, 4TN

Benelli "4TN", 1939, Italy

The Benelli workshop was born in 1911 thanks to Teresa Benelli, who wanted to guarantee a future for her 6 fatherless kids. In 1919 a 75cc 2-stroke engine was produced, the prelude to the first Benelli motorcycle in 1921: the Velomotore, a 98cc light motorcycle.

From this moment on the production increased and the commercial success led to the enlargement of the factory in the 30s, when the company reached the pinnacle of success.

After WWII the factory is basically destroyed and the Benelli brothers started converting military bikes left on the battlegrounds into civil vehicles.

In the 50s and 60s Benelli motorbikes gained many commercial and racing successes. After different owners the company was bought in 2005 by the chinese group Q.J.

The bike shown in the Museo is a 1939 Benelli 4TN, a model launched in 1934 in two versions: Turismo and Sport. This 500cc bike started a new range of engines that will last until World War II.

Oil radiator on the front of the crankcase
Helical valve springs
4 speed gearbox
170 kilos of weight