B.S.A. Cycles, 1910s

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Marca: B.S.A. Cycles
Anno: 1910

B.S.A. Cycles, 1910s

 B.S.A. Cycles, 1910s, England

The Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) is a British company that produces vehicles, guns and military equipment, still producing compressed-air rifles. During the peak years, BSA was the largest motorcycle producer in the world.

Born in 1861, during WWI BSA became the main supplier for the Brithish army and at the end of the war the company splitted in 3 parts: BSA Cycles Ltd, producing bicycles and motorcycles, BSA Guns Ltd, producing guns, and BSA Tool Ltd, producing utensils and machines.

In 1951 BSA bought Triumph becoming the largest motorcycle producer in the world. In 1972 BSA Cycles Ltd was taken over by Norton that decided to keep just the Triumph brand alive.

Black paint
Chain drive
Mechanical brakes just on the rear, operated by a lever
Zenith carburetor
Wooden fenders
Throttle lever on the frame tube
Bicycle powered by a lateral engine with a secondary driving wheel