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AMI, Jukebox, anni 50-60

AMI Jukebox, 1950s-60s

AMI (Automatic Musical Instruments co.) was founded in 1909 and located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1927 the first jukebox was produced; it played 10 78 rpm records on both sides. This type of mechanism was used for many years thereafter. These early productions featured large, often colored plastic covers. In the 1950s several licenses were sold to other countries such as Italy (Microtecnica).
The AMI Jukebox at the Museo Nicolis was nicknamed "fascione." This model was produced in both key and wheel versions. It retains the essential and soft shapes of the H model, built the year before, but the amount of chrome parts is increased. The design is clearly inspired by the lines of large American automobiles. It also exists in black and pink versions.


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