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Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari, human, pilot, a legend, an exhibition in collaboration with the Gallery Ferrari and the archive Millanta, which was inaugurated in the Museum Nicolis, Villafranca.

The red wild horses of Maranello, the Fiat 500 Balilla, the helmet, the trophies, the pictures in the exhibition at the Museum Nicolis until the end of August.

Alberto Ascari was one of the greatest Italian racing drivers of all time, the first to win the Ferrari World Championship, the only one who could compete with Juan Manuel Fangio. Strict but with a good sense of humor, helpful but merciless with his rivals, brave but helpless at the sight of a black cat.

His memorable motto was “Allé Allé, beer for all”. He made it clear that he was going to bother the others and race to win.