AGFA Isolette

AGFA Isolette, Germany, 1949

The “Agfa Isolette” was a medium-size camera produced by Agfa.

The models made were the “Isolette” and the “Automatico 66”. The latter was a foldable camera that was equipped with the automatic exposure control for the first time, it had a Solinar 3.5 and was made in about 5000 samples.

The Isolette was made in different versions:

  • Isolette, in 1937 it was first called Isorette, then Isolette, in 6×6 and 4.5×6 sizes.
  • Isolette 4.5 in 1946-1950 with aluminum cover.
  • Isolette V from 1950 the model was equipped with different lenses.
  • Isolette III from 1951 to 1959 with two viewfinders
  • Isolette I and II
  • Super Isolette from 1954 to 1957 with range finder.
Model: AGFA Isolette
Name: AGFA
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