Talk Show, Arena e Dintorni, Verona For All.

Vote "Verona For All"!

Thursday 6 May at 8.00 pm Silvia Nicolis and Francesca Toffali will speak to the microphones of Arena and Dintori about the “Verona For All” project, the pilot project of the Municipality of Verona and the Verona Chamber of Commerce for a more accessible city!

VERONA FOR ALL : a sort of sprawling museum suitable for blind, visually impaired people, but also families and childrens.

It’s the ambitious project of the Camera di Commercio of Verona and Comune di Verona, that wants to give tactile innovative experiences on 15 monuments and attractions in Verona territory.

The mayor Federico Sboarina, together with the council member to tourism Francesca Toffali and Silvia Nicolis from Camera di Commercio promoted the project, as well as Andrea Bocelli and the Unione italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti in support of our city.

Among the participants there will be a winner who will fly for free with Volotea from Venice and Verona airports.





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