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Bertrand Gachot (Luxembourg, 23 December 1962) is a Belgian former Formula 1 racing driver.

Bertrand Gachot was a widely respected driver and a staunch supporter of Europe, both on and off the track. His career, which could have taken off in the years that followed given his driving skills, was cut short in 1991 in London when, acting in self-defence, he fired pepper spray in the eyes of the taxi driver who apparently was attacking him following a car accident involving the two. Since the spray used was illegal in England, Gachot was arrested and spent several months behind bars, after serving his sentence he was never the same.

Steering Wheels:

  • This steering wheel in our collection was fitted on the incredible Jordan 191, a technological gem that matched the cars of rivals Ferrari and McLaren. With that car the Belgian had earned 4 points up to that point, from a 5th and two 6th places. He finished in 13th place in the year's driver standings, a pretty good result considering his arrest limited him to 5 Grand Prix appearances. Jordan had to find a replacement and chose a young driver who had already impressed with his driving skills: Michael Schumacher.

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