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Event, ASI, Historic Day, Verona.

Giornata Nazionale del Veicolo d'epoca.

Sunday, September 27th the National Day of the Historic Vehicle was celebrated.

This day, promoted by the Automotoclub Storico Italiano, was celebrated all over Italy with different events and ventures, following the Covid rules.

In the shade of the Arena the “Historic Day“, the itinerant event will take place in the city of Verona.

For this occasion the North-East Italian ASI clubs gathered together in a single event, with a great passion for historic vehicles in common, and will exhibit about 50 vehicles from the early 1900s to the early 21st century.

Among the cars our 1911 Lancia “Beta 20 HP”.

Silvia Nicolis received a plaque of appreciation given by Enzo Mainenti, Verona HCC president, and Alberto Scuro, ASI president, in the presence of Mayor Federico Sboarina.