Bianchi, 1956, Tonale record

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Marca: Bianchi
Modello: Tonale 175
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1/ 147.7 cc
Velocità: 205 km/h
Anno: 1956

Bianchi, 1956, Tonale record

Bianchi "Tonale 175cc" record, 1956, Italy

In 1956 the Tonale 175 won the Motogiro d’ Italia with Gino Franzosi and the Milano Taranto with Daminelli in the class "Stock derivatives".

At the end of 1956 Franzosi again in Castelfusano beat the mile record and missed the kilometer one by an inch. In 1957 the Tonale is wrapped with a special long fairing for the endurance records where Eng. Nardi, plane designer, worked on too. The frame was modified and the wheelbase is now longer. With this version on 19th November 1957 on Monza racetrack, the 1000km record was beaten with a time of 5h 23’ 9” averaging 185,664 km/h and the six hours one with 1114,428 km covered, averaging 185,721 km/h.

This particular record version of the 175 Tonale is the one you can admire at Museo Nicolis with its sleek fairing, queen of the 1950s motorbike competitions.

Museo Nicolis houses a rich exhibit of Bianchi bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

2011 Exhibition at flagship store Pirelli PZero in Milano.