Paganelli Gentleman Sport, 1988, lever bicycle

Paganelli Gentleman Sport, touring bicycle, 1988, Italy

Bicycle with lever propulsion; this system, that is proposed from time to time, was welcomed by the audience curiosity.

The lever system is older than the bicycle itself and among the first applications, you can see it fitted on a 1881 US bicycle here at the museum.

It seems that the first company to use this innovative system was the English Singer in 1879, followed by the American Smith Machine C.ny in 1880. CLAVIGER (GB) tried too in 1888, as well as GAZELLE (F) in 1896, and the Italian STAGNI and FONTANA that gained a certain fame for this kind of bicycles.


Technical notes:

  • Cream color
  • Double Gentleman Sport transmission
  • Lever propulsion


Marque: Paganelli
Year of production: 1988
Model: Gentleman Sport
Type: touring bicycle
Nation: Italy
Name: Paganelli
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