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Marca: Imperial Typewriter Co. Ltd. Leicester.
Tipo: Mod. D
Nazione: UK
Nome: Imperial
Imperial, 1919, Mod. D, UK

The machine was built by Hidalgo Moya, an American-Spanish engineer who lived in England.
The most striking aspect of the Imperial is the curved keyboard with hammers placed vertically in front of the roller.
Initially the machine, complete with bicolor and backspace, costed 10 pounds. In Italy it was sold with 29 keys, 30 in France and 32 in Germany.

The Imperial D (1919), or, in a slightly slimmed-down version, the Imperial Portable, was the fourth and last in the line produced by the Imperial Typewriter Company.
The Imperial D shows how successful the basic design of the Imperial was. There were only minor differences between the models A, B and C.
The only difference between the D and earlier machines was the straight keyboard.