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Marca: Olivetti
Modello: M20
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Olivetti
Olivetti, 1920, M20, Italy

Camillo Olivetti only presents his first typewriter in 1911: the M1. Right away, this is the start of an exponential growth, which is abruptly interrupted by the First World War when the factory is claimed for the production of war machines.

However, Olivetti presents his brand-new M20 at the Brussels Exhibition of 1920. A stunningly beautiful machine that entices with Latin flair and an eye for detail. In the nineteen twenties, minor adaptations to the model follow with splendid results, for example, this M25 from 1928.

Under the inspiring leadership of Camillo and his son Adriano, Olivetti continues growing and expanding world-wide. Mainly thanks to content employees, who the company pampers with free welfare provisions, bonuses and short working hours.

Olivetti also goes wild with its advertising campaigns by appealing to contemporary artists. In the nineteen fifties, it is the undisputed leader in the field of office machines.