Durkopp-Brennabor, 1910, touring bicycle

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Durkopp-Brennabor, 1910, touring bicycle

Durkopp-Brennabor, touring bicycle, 1910, Germany

The main characteristic of the Durkopp is with no doubt its natural rubber tires, strategically pierced to avoid the nightmare of every cyclist: a flat tire.

Rocks, dumps and nails couldn’t stop even the most fearful  cyclist.

Innovations don’t stop here: the frame is reinforced with oblique tubes and provided safety even for larger cyclists.
There was also the “counterpedaling” to brake effortlessly with the rear tire, while on the front there was a traditional spoon brake.

The “touring cycling” was in fashion a century ago and every detail of your vehicle was finely made, as you can see from the acetylene headlamp or the peculiar bell, operated by a cable that made it ring thanks to the friction on the tire.

Technical notes:

Red natural rubber tires

Frame with reinforcing tubes (as a precautionary measure, if the cyclist weighed over 150 kilos)

Spoon brake on the front tire

Counterpedal brake on the rear tire

SEMPER acetylene headlamp

Villo bell operated by friction

Some components are from BRENNABOR

Thanks to Enrica Leardini and Ashley Frazza for the photos.