Blick, 1893, N°5

Blick N°5, 1893, Stati Uniti 

Blickensderfer took its name from its inventor, engineer George Canfield Blickensderfer.

To run his company, he bought a standard typewriter, heavy and bulky. During his train journyes though, he realized how useful a smaller typewriter would have been for businessmen traveling by train; they already existed but they were index typewriters, slow and unreliable.

In 1885 he founded Blickensderfer Mfg. Co and in 1893 the company launched their first typewriter at the Chicago world exhibition, the “Model 1”.

Advertisement for Blick at the end of 1800s showed a series of characters: a traveller writing on a train, a soldier in a tent or a news correspondent on a camel.

In 1900 a portable Blick typewriter weighed about 2.7 kilos and costed 35 dollars.


Marque: Blickensderfer 
Year of production: 1893
Model: N°5
Nation: Stati Uniti
Name: Blick
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