Singer & Co, 1887, bycicle

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Singer & Co, 1887, bycicle

Singer & Co, bicycle, England, 1887

Manufactured by the important English company “Singer & Co” from Coventry. It’s an important model because it marks the appearance of complementary elements to the oblique tube, typical on cross frames. From the tie rods application as a way to stiffen up the frame, the next step will be the square frame, ancestor of the one we use today.

Bicycles that used the cross frame started using tie rods to stiffen up the frame. The first company to apply them was Singer & Co.

Technical notes:
Iron tube cross frame with tie rods
Spoon brake on the front wheel
HUMBER chain
Fixed gear
Perpendicular spoke wheels and solid rubber
Small fender on the front wheel
Carbide headlamp on the front