Meeting, Autogiro d’Italia.

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Meeting, Autogiro d’Italia.

Vintage cars will pass by Museo Nicolis on Sunday, September 13th, to visit our collections!

Starting from Giovanni Agnelli, Emanuele Bricherasio, Vincenzo Lancia until Champions like Mario Umberto Borzacchini, Tazio Nuvolari, Campari, Varzi, Taruffi, Fangio, but also, Markku Allen or Riccardo Patrese, many people wanted to feel the emotion only these challenges can assure. Those unique sensations, that dream is the one the AutoGiro d’Italia – Historic Challenge want to revive.

Starting from Villafranca, the 2020 edition of the Autogiro will take place in the North, 1678 kilometers and six stages of beautiful roads.

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