Alfa Romeo, 1925, RM

Using much of the mechanics and chassis parts from the RL model, Alfa Romeo presented an economic version of their top level car in 1923. Designed for family use rather than as a sports model, the RM had a 4 cylinder engine directly derived from the 6 cylinder RL unit.

The car shown in the museum is fitted with a body built by “La Zagato” in Milan, the body shop founded by Ugo Zagato in 1919, and has been kept unaltered over the years. In 2003 it won the important Louis Vouitton Classic elegance award, in the Veteran and Vintage categories, and won the special award from the Jury for its excellent state of preservation. This car is practical and elegant as a formal tourer with the sporting style and lightness typical of a Zagato creation, which are the features that made the name of the Milanese bodybuilder successful throughout the world.

Marque: Alfa Romeo
Model: RM
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1996 cc
Power: 40 bhp at 3000 rpm
Speed: 95 kph
Length: 4590 cm
Width: 1700 cm
Height: 1750 cm
Period of production: 1923 - 1926
Marque: La Zagato
Type: Tourer
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