Damiani, 1999, rennrad

Damiani, rennrad, 1999, Italien

Special bicycle made for the DAMIANI ITALIAN FRAME APOLLO time trial.

Ein einziges Exemplar


Technical Data:

  • Extra rigid frame, ergonomically shaped for a stretched aerodynamic position of the cyclist on the saddle
  • ORIA tubes structure
  • MAVIC low-friction hubs
  • MAVIC crankset
  • TITANIUM/KEVLAR saddle – Italia
  • FIR rims
  • Special MODOLO handlebar
  • Digital stopwatch/computer on the handle bar
  • Push-button SHIMANO electromechanical gearbox
Hersteller: Damiani
Produktionsjahr: 1999
Typ: rennrad
Nation: Italien
Vorname: Damiani
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