Full: euro 14,00 per person
Reduced: euro 12,00 per person
Reduced tickets are available for:

  • Children up to 16 years old
  • Adults over 60 years old
  • Groups with more than 8 paying adults
  • Company vouchers
Children between 6 and 10: euro 6,00 per person
Schools & Youth Groups (after booking in advance):
Junior, Secondary and High schools
Infant schools
Grest, scout, parish and recreation groups
euro 6,00 per person
euro 6,00 per person
euro 6,00 per person

Guided tour in English                                                                                                                                                                                   euro 150,00


The free ticket is given to the following:

  • Children up to 5 years, accompanied by an adult.
  • Teachers accompanying school groups of any age from public or private schools, further to phone booking. Free entrance is given to companions in the following proportions (unless agreed otherwise with the management).
  • For infant and junior schools, 1 companion every 10 pupils or fraction of 10.
  • Secondary and high schools, 1 companion every 15 pupils or fraction of 15.
  • Coach drivers accompanying groups to the museum.
  • Tourist interpreters when they are needed next to the guide.
  • Directors and curators of Italian and foreign museums.
  • Managers from Ministries and Public Institutions.
  • Government officials and representatives.
  • Registered journalists, after showing their pass.
  • Authorised professional tourist guides, after showing their pass.
  • Members of I.C.O.M. (International Council of Museum).
  • Disabled and invalids who are legally recognised, with certificates, plus their companion.
  • The Nicolis Museum management may grant free entrance to anyone on a study or work visit, or for special tasks on showing the declaration from the institution they belong to.

The Museum is easily accessible to all, on request the reception staff will accompany anyone who needs assistance to the floors.

Voucher carnets are available for companies at a special price. The vouchers are used for companies to give gifts to their customers or friends to enter the museum. The vouchers are not valid for groups.

The management reserves the right to stipulate agreements with Boards / Associations / private people. The Agreements in being are on show in Reception. For information, please contact our staff on 045/6303289 or 045/6304959.

Opening time:
Museo Nicolis will be RISERVED IN EXCLUSIVE  for SKODA Event from Monday 27th September to Friday 15th October.
The Museum will be open to the public from Saturday 16 October 2021.

Extraordinary closures: 24th and 25th December, 1st January.

The management reserves the right to open/close if and when, in its judge, that will be opportune.

For more detailed info  you can contact the Museo at +39 045 6303289 or send an e-mail at

The museum opening is subject to compliance with the actual laws.
We reserve the right to open exclusively according to the deman. The service provide for the payment of a confirmatory deposit.

For information: 045/6303289

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