Maino, 1905, racing bicycle

Company established in 1896 in Alessandria by Giovanni Maino. An extremely important brand that modified and improved the bicycle structure by applying slight yet significant innovations. It especially focused on finishing the aesthetics in a functional way.

Maino bicycles shine for their precursory slimness.
In the field of competition, Maino was always in the foreground with its grey bicycles, two names might be enough: Costante Girardengo and Learco Guerra.


Technical notes:

  • Black paint
  • Racing handlebar (where an engraved “M” can be found)
  • Wooden rims
  • Racing crankset with the GMA logo (Giovanni Maino Alessandria)
  • Aerodynamic frame (tilted forward)
  • Pantographed Maino brand on the pedals
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