AMF Gloria, 1933, racing bicycle

1933 – Gloria, racing bicycle – Italy

Established in 1922 by Alfredo Focesi in Milan, the company immediately aims to build racing bicycles.

In 1923 Libero Ferrario, on a Gloria bicycle, won the World Championship for amateurs. From that moment on Gloria became famous. Well-known were the “Garibaldini”, Gloria cyclists, that wreaked havoc in the stage races for their impetuousness.

Technical notes:

  • Vittoria Margherita gearbox, Supercorsa model
  • Tailor-made frame
  • Fusione del marchio Gloria in fusione sui forcellini
  • Nickel-plated connections
  • GLORIA handlebar
  • GLORIA hubs
  • ITALIA saddle
  • BOWDEN brakes
  • STELLA wooden rims
  • GLORIA crankset and pedals
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