Ferrari, 1964, Tipo 209 engine.

This engine was fitted to the new 330GT 2+2 launched at the 1964 Bruxelles Motor Show.

It followed the long series of GT cars, after the 250GT 2+2 but with a slightly longer wheelbase and four headlights instead of two, until 1965.

The engine was still the V12 but with the displacement was increased from 3 liters to 4, gaining 60 more horsepower.

Enzo Ferrari himself was the first to drive the car and he kept it for a certain period as his own. Production stopped in 1967, after producing about 1000 cars.

Brand: Ferrari
Model: 209
Cylinder number/displacement: V12/3967.4cc
Power: 300 bhp at 7000 RPM
2 valves per cylinder
3 Weber 40DCZ/6 carburetors
Single point ignition, 2 distributors
Water cooled
Dry sump lubrication

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