ICA Dresden, Sirene 135

ICA Dresden, Sirene 135, Germany, 1914

ICA, or Internationale Camera Actiengesellschaft, was born in 1909 from the merger of four companies, Hüttig AG from Dresden, Kamerawerk Dr. Krügener from Francoforte, Emil Wünsche AG from Reick near Dresden and Carl Zeiss Jena–Palmos Camerabau from Jena; of the four, Hüttig AG was the oldest one.

At first the company kept producing the most successful models of the four brands. In the fall of 1926 ICA Dresden was absorbed by Zeiss Ikon.

The Sirene models were made from 1914 to 1926, the most common one was the Sirene 135. After Zeiss Ikon absorbed the company in 1926, the Sirene kept being produced with new functionalities.

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