Itala, 1920, tipo 50 25/35HP

Itala “Tipo 50 25/35HP” – 1920

Established by Matteo Ceirano in 1904, Itala lived its best period in the years before the Great War both for the victories achieved at races, such as  the Targa Florio, and for the triumph at the famous Peking-Paris Raid with a Tipo 35/45HP driven by the prince Scipione Borghese (a trial entered into the automobile racing legend). At the 1911 Turin Motor Show, Itala introduced the first Italian sleeve valve engined car (produced in several models until 1917) and during the war they were forced to convert the production into war material. One of the first model produced after the end of the war was the “Tipo 50”, designed by engineer Alberto Orasi.
By looking at the car in the museum, it can be noticed that the cars of the Twenties began to look decidedly more modern: the electric lights replaced the carbide ones, and the brass finishing were replaced by the nickel-plated and later chromium-plated ones. Also the starting handle was eliminated, but in fact it was carefully hidden: really the starting engine had not yet reached such a level to ensure the constant car starting.

Marque: Itala
Model: Tipo 50 25/35HP
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/2813 cc
Speed: 80 kph
Weight: 1330 kg
Length: 4480 cm
Width: 1860 cm
Height: 1680 cm
Period of production: 1919 - 1926
Marque: Itala
Type: Torpedo
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