Ford, 1955, Thunderbird

Ford “Thunderbird” – 1955

The Thunderbird series was the Ford reply to the Chevrolet Corvette; unlike the “Vette” , since the beginning of its production, it was fitted with the V8 engine, available in various horsepower levels.

While the Corvette was the sports and essential car, the Thunderbird, fitted with electrical windows and adjustable seats, offered luxury and comfort to its two passengers.

The modern body style was enhanced by the “panoramic” windshield (particularly in fashion at that time in the United States and later dropped because of the optical distortions it created) and by the rear fins that, in the following series, had much larger and exaggerated dimensions.

The bonnet convexity allowed to lodge the 4-barrel carburettor of the most powerful engine, giving 285 bhp.

The car shown in the Museum is of the series, produced from 1955 to 1957, nowadays more appreciated and sought after by the collectors, especially for its clean and compact line.

Marque: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Cylinder number / Capacity: 8 a V/4785 cc
Power: 200 bhp
Speed: 183 kph
Weight: 1320 kg
Length: 4350 cm
Width: 1800 cm
Height: 1300 cm
Period of production: 1955-1957
Marque: Ford
Type: Convertibile
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