Fiat, 1950, 1100 E, Vistotal

Fiat “1100 E”

At the end of World War II, Fiat started again with the production of the 508 C Nuova Balilla 1100, now more simply called 1100 B; in 1949 they modified some aesthetical features, among others the fitting of a rear boot lid, and the new model was called 1100 E (and L for the long wheelbase version, Italian taxi drivers’ favourite car).

Last 1100 model with separate chassis (the 1100/103 presented in 1953 would have been a more modern monocoque), the E was clothed by all the Italian bodybuilders in different versions (saloon, cabriolet, roadster, station wagon and utility van too) and the car shown in the museum is the creation of one of the most well known bodybuilders, the Carrozzeria Castagna of Milan that in the years between the two World Wars imposed themselves all over the world with their elegant bodies on prestigious chassis, like the body fitted to the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8AS shown in the museum.

This cabriolet is called “Vistotal” for its particular windscreen fitted without side supports, as patented in 1936 by French coachbuilder Labourdette with the name “Vutotal”: it allows a total visibility of the road in front of the driver. Also the transparent steering wheel is on the same wavelength as the windscreen, a work of art only fitted to more important cars.

Marque: Fiat
Model: 1100 E
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1089 cc
Power: 35 bhp at 4400 rpm
Speed: 115 kph
Period of production: 1949 - 1953
Numbers Built: 54.694
Marque: Castagna
Type: Cabriolet
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